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No Sex Needed: All-Female Lizard Species Cross Their Chromosomes to Make Babies. These southwestern lizards’ asexual reproduction is no longer a secret

The Internet Movie Database offers cast and crew credits, plot summary, user comments, and links.

Avian Biotech – offering a range of genetic tests and services such as dna sexing and disease testing for all species of birds as well as other s.

Organisms of many species are specialized into male and female varieties, each known as a sex, with some falling in between being intersex. Sexual reproduction

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The act of mating with a species other than your own may not be as ill advised or peculiar as it seems. Recent research indicates that hybridization is not only

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Define sex: the state of being male or female — sex in a sentence

Sex definition, either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions. See more.

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SEX. The physical difference between male and female in s. 2. In the human species the male is called man, (q.v.) and the female, woman.

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Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks Using Wing Plumage by Samuel M. Carney Washington, D.C. 1992 U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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A sex-determination system is a biological system that determines the development of sexual characteristics in an organism. Most organisms that create their offspring

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